Sheet Metal Design DFM Solution

Sheet metal fabrication involves many processes like cutting, perforating, bending, etc. Via Sheet Metal DFM (Design for Manufacturing), mass production can go on with little to no error. Having a system in place is the only way to ensure that the design created on paper is transferred to the final piece. It also means that one needs to go through the designs multiple times to get the dimensions right and ensure that the final piece is functional. This way, the end product will have the same features as the raw metal.

At VASUCC Metal, we understand how vital it is for you to get the right sheet metal design solution for your pieces. We have spent years and money researching to ensure that our Design for Manufacturing solution is versatile and can work with different metals. We have perfected the DFM solution, so it meets every need. We provide sheet metal design for manufacturing sheet metal boxes, enclosures, chassis, cases, cabinets, and covers. All these not only look good but serve different uses in different marketplaces.
The great thing about all our designs and pieces is they are customizable. You do not have to make do with a different item for your company. We will create new plans and write code for the machines to make the final design according to your individual needs. We also make items in bulk, which goes a long way to cut n the cost you might spend on buying fewer pieces. If you want a sheet metal design DFM, look no further. Contact us today at VASUCC, and let us work on your project with you!

There are so many guidelines for DFM. Here, let us give you an example of that bend relief needs to be added whenever there is a bend nearby holes.
VASUCC Sheet Metal knows all we need to do when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. It ensures there is little waste from the process. We are keen on reducing our carbon footprint and will work with you to ensure that this is what happens. We also offer consultation on the different sheet metal items in the market so you can know what will work for you and our industry. Set up your consultation today and talk to one of our experts today. We will ensure that you make the most out of the sheet metal solutions you get from us.