• Q What applications require sheet metal fabrication?

    Sheet metal fabrication is used in so many applications from different industries. Learning about them helps you make better choices regarding your business. One of the industries that need sheet metal fabrication is the automotive industry. Most car parts are made of sheet metal, making them a necessity for the industry. Another application of the sheet metal industry is in the medical industry to make one-use products like syringes and other medical equipment. Other industries that use sheet metal applications include construction, automation, logistics, telecom, and more. VASUCC Sheet Metal is capable of manufacturing and assembling products for many industries.
  • Q Do you accept low-volume production? What is the MOQ?

    Yes, we do accept low-volume production. While most of our production scales are medium level, we also take on low volume production. Our MOQ is 200 pieces for anyone who needs to do low production to save on costs. However, we do recommend going for high-volume production. It also allows you to save on money and ensures you have enough pieces to do whatever product it is you have. If you are testing out a new product, then the 200 pieces should be enough for you to figure out whatever qualities you are looking for with your new products.

  • Q How do I get a quote?

    If you need a quote, you can always contact us through the information on the Contact Us page. We have round-the-clock customer service and will respond to your inquiry as soon as you ask. You can also check out social media platforms if you want a one-on-one approach with us. We also have a quote on all our products on our websites. The prices on our site give a rough estimate of what you should expect when ordering from us. Check out our website for more details on the products we offer and the price range.

  • Q What types of files do you accept?

    We accept all types of file formats in the market. So far, we have worked with PDF, DWG, STP, STEP, DXF, SOLIDWORKS related files, INVENTOR related files, and MICROSOFT OFFICE related files from clients. As long as your file can be opened on our side, we will work on your order. Before sending your field, ensure that a different user can open the files. That will go a long way to cut in the time spent by our team to get back to you with a quote. It also makes it easier for us to share your concept with the right teams so work can start as soon as possible.

  • Q What sheet metal finishes are available?

    Various sheet metal finishes are available, all based on your current needs and wants. The common metal finishes in the market are plating, cleaning, polishing, grinding, vibratory finishing, blasting and heat treating. Before you figure out which finish will work for you, it helps if you know what the pieces will be used for. Some of the finishes are unsafe to use with medical or food uses, so you cannot use them. As such, knowing how long the finish will work for you will also go a long way to ensure that you use the right finish for your pieces. Whatever you settle on, you can be sure we will get it for you.

  • Q Do you offer metal finishing options or secondary processes?

    Yes, we do offer metal finishing options as well as secondary processes. We believe an item is not fully done unless it’s ready for use. For this reason, secondary processes can be added based on your preference. If, on the other hand, you prefer to finish them yourself, then we will deliver the unfinished pieces to you. We, however, recommend getting all the processes done in one place. It ensures that the final product looks seamless and works effectively as well. We also offer consultation on the same in case you have no idea which of these processes will work for you.

  • Q What are your quality standards and general tolerances?

    Guided by the ISO9001 quality system documents, VASUCC Sheet Metal's production and operation activities are effectively carried out through the formulation of quality policies and objectives, the establishment of quality system organizations, and the allocation and implementation of quality responsibilities.
    All processes of product production are effectively controlled. We also take corrective and preventive actions for continuous improvement during production. According to the specific situation of the project, we will formulate control plans, work instructions, FA reports, etc., so that the production process is completely controlled.
    The specific tolerances are made according to the customer's drawings. Unmarked dimensional tolerances are in accordance with ISO2768 or other standards provided by customers.
  • Q How do you ensure the quality of your fabrication work?

    We have taken the time to streamline all the stages of the fabrication process. One of the things we did was ensure we only used quality sheet metal. In doing so, we are sure that whatever piece we are working on will come from quality materials. We also work with certified suppliers with years of experience in the field. Most of the suppliers we work with have been around since we started the company, and we can vouch for them. We also closely follow the regulations of ISO9001 and ensure that we follow them to the letter. All this has ensured that we deliver quality every time.

  • Q What is your average lead time?

    The EX-WORKS method is 4-7 weeks; the other trade methods can increase the transportation and customs clearance time. If you have a low-volume order, you can expect your pieces to get to you in less than seven weeks. Compared to the other services in the market, you can be sure it will be done in good time. We have worked with different clients in the past and have never delayed our delivery on time. To know how long it will take for your products to get to you, ensure you factor in the time it takes for them to get to you after production.

  • Q How will my finished parts be shipped to my location?

    We mostly ship by road, but if you are across the globe, we will ship it using your preferred shipping company. We have worked with various shipping companies and can recommend one to help get the products for you. When you order your products, ensure you let us know your location. That way, we can facilitate your shipping and get your things to you. We will give you the rundown costs, so you figure out which shipping company will work for you. Whatever your shipping choice, we will ensure your products get to you in good quality and time.

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