Is sheet metal fabrication expensive?

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The price of sheet fabrication can be a hefty cost for many. From the skilled labor involved to the materials used, the expense of this intricate process can range from moderate to exorbitant. Hinging on the project's complexity, the average price of a sheet metal design is around $2,000, although complex structures require up to $4,000. The process's sheer intricacy and the expertise required to create a successful sheet fabrication make this a costly endeavor.

The cost of sheet fabrication can be a hefty expense, and the general rule of thumb is to expect to pay threefold the fee for raw materials. Thus, a ton of steel might cost approximately $1,600, including fabrication. That being said, the price of prefabricated sheet metal varies hinging on its purpose.

Tin siding panels are often inexpensive, costing at most $1 per square foot, whereas copper can cost up to $35. Window and door screening made from aluminum costs $0.35 per square foot, with brass reaching up to $2.50. Ultimately, the cost of sheet fabrication relies heavily on the material and the degree of customization.

the cost of sheet metal

Sheet fabrication Setup Costs

The cost of metal fabrication and installation varies, hinging on the work and the professional hired. Specialists may quote a "per project" rate for larger tasks. For example, siding installers may charge up to $4000 to fit 1,400sq feet. However, roofers may charge around $10,000 for super-quality or custom materials. You should expect to pay about $90 per hour for smaller jobs, while Roof remodeling may average $1,600.

Fabrication expenses per model

Sheet metal remains tremendously flexible, perfect for various DIY and renovation projects. Here are a couple of domestic sheet applications to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Siding-Primarily, siding may cost $700. But it may go up 30,000 if you replace panels with new ones. Consider your project's materials, design, quantity, and extent when calculating metal siding costs.

Roofing-steel rooves cost around 7000 USD, while those requiring stamp or copper-made hail at about 2600 USD. However, a third of the total cost comes from labor and other materials used in the project. Still, materials costs hinge on type, gauge, and custom fabrication requirements.

Screening-Brass, copper and stainless steel are the most often used materials for security screens, and they can be purchased for between $1 and $2.50 per square foot. A square foot of thicker metals like iron bars may cost up to $20. Hinging on its scope and complexity, the budget is between $50 and going up for the entire project.

Despite being often used to build window and door screens, fiberglass is not a sturdy material. Select metal if you want a more durable and attractive choice. Even though it's pricey up front, it saves money over time since repairs are avoided.


When looking to construct a metal building, the cost generally hovers around $2800. But it can reach up to $20,000 or more depending on the project's size and features.

Where do the costs of sheet fabrication lie?

The materials used heavily influence the cost of a sheet metal project. The fabrication and installation are done specifically for it. Regarding raw materials, ornamental aluminum fence normally costs fifteen to forty dollars, while steel siding typically costs four to eight dollars per square foot.

The kind and stage of manufacture significantly impact the material's cost. For instance, a thousand kilos of pure steel typically costs roughly $400. That addresses the raw material.

Thus, consideration must also be given to any fabrication into value goods. That is for metal siding, slating, and railing. Tin, titanium, aluminum, copper, and zinc are other materials. Consider a simpler job that does not require custom manufacturing and prefabricated materials, which may be obtained at a lower cost in such a case. Hinging on the intended output, different prices will apply.

On the other hand, sheet metal designers may charge $80 an hour. The cost of fabricating metal is typically three times more than that for raw materials. If a ton of raw materials is purchased for $500, bespoke fence panels, shingles, or screens cost $1500. You should hire a skilled handyperson who would cost you around $100 per hour to install something. Sheet metal may be heavy and difficult to handle.

Therefore, it is best to hire a professional to install it. For larger tasks, it is necessary to enlist the aid of roofers, siding specialists, or contractors.


A sizeable portion of the potentially expensive nature of sheet fabrication comprises materials and labor costs. Before making any decisions, it is important to consider the type of metal needed, the complexity of the task, and the professional's expertise. It is essential to weigh the project's cost against the worth of the sheet fabrication because it is an expensive procedure before making a purchase.