Medical Industry

  • Q Welding Process

    A MIG, MAG, LASER, etc.

  • Q Finish

    A Powder Coating

  • Q Materials

    A Aluminum sheet
    Stainless steel sheet
    Galvanized steel sheet
    Cold rolled steel sheet
    Copper sheet
    Special requests

  • Q Materials Gauge

    A 15mm thick Max carbon sheet metal
    6 mm thick Max stainless sheet metal & aluminum sheet metals
    4mm thick Max copper & brass sheet

  • Q Quality Instruments

    A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Digital Caliper, Video Measuring System, Profile Projector, Radius Gauge, Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, Clearance Gauge, Measuring Tape, Thread Gauge,  Angle Rule, Dial indicator,  Micrometer, Digital radius gauge, etc.

  • Q CNC Laser Cutting

    A Manual Load/Unload
    Robotic Load/Unload

  • Q Forming Process

    A Bend manually, 180°-0°
    Bend via Robot, 180°-90°
    Stamping with tooling

  • Q Riveting

    A Nuts
    Pull riveting
    All other kinds of Hardware Insertion

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