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Custom Copper Alloy Part Manufacturing

Custom copper alloy metal parts from VASUCC Sheet Metal Fabrication include copper steel alloy, copper alloy 110, etc. Visit our website to quote!
  • Custom Copper Alloy Parts Manufacturing

In the metal manufacturing business, VASUCC Sheet Metal is regarded as the best and most reliable one-stop solution for customers. Why would anyone go to many manufacturers when you can get everything in one place? Our commitment to providing our customers with utmost convenience sets us apart.

Our copper alloy parts range from various materials including oxygen-free copper, phosphor bronze, gunmetal, brass, bronze and copper. With its low melting point and extreme malleability, we are highly successful in the process of hot forging.

We are pleased with our work because we produce high-quality copper alloy parts. They have found their way into industries such as: Pressure gauge, Heating, Irrigation, Hygiene products, Water Meter, Gas & Plumbing, Medical Devices, HVAC and Beverage delivery. If you belong to these industries or any other sector that requires copper alloy goods, feel free to contact us.

FAQ 1: Do you accept low-volume production? What is the MOQ?

Yes indeed, we welcome small production volumes. While our production scales tend to be medium – sized operations, we also handle small volume orders. The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 200 pieces making it cost effective for those opting for smaller production runs.

FAQ 2: How can I get a quote?

It is easy to get a quote. You will find our contacts on the Contact Us page. We are open 24/7, and you will hear from us at the earliest possible.

FAQ 3: What file types can I submit?

Among many formats available in the market, we offer compatibility with PDF files, DWG files, STP files, STEP files, DXF files, SOLIDWORKS-related files, INVENTOR-related files and Microsoft Office related-files. Therefore, customers can comfortably send their design documents in their preferred format.

FAQ 4: What is your average lead time?

The average lead time for us using the EX-WORKS method is 4-7 weeks. It is important to highlight that other methods of shipping may increase transit and customs clearance duration. Our short-run orders will be delivered within less than seven weeks period for quick turnaround.