Custom Sheet Metal Cabinets & Chassis for Telecom Industry

One thing that needs to happen when it comes to communication is accuracy in the readings and clarity in the message being communicated. For this reason, one must ensure they get the right equipment for the task ahead. Different telecommunication companies will need different products to ensure they can function without a hitch. There is no one-size-fits-all regarding this since a small change will affect how well messages are conveyed from one station to another. Since VASUCC Sheet Metal manufacturing can work on different designs, it is the perfect solution in such cases. We have experience when it comes to customizing designs to suit different needs and have worked on several types of telecom cabinets and chassis to ensure they work effectively.

We are capable of producing products like fully-assembled and floor standing rack systems, telecom chassis, RU cabinets, RU extension, and more. Customers need to figure out which parts they need and contact VASUCC Sheet Metal. Our experts will work with you and ensure all the pieces you need for your company are delivered. One thing we emphasize is knowing what your company needs. That way, production can go by way faster. It also clears up any confusion that might come about from using the wrong kind of equipment for the task. With our professional experience, we will work with you and show you what you need and what you do not. Our experts make the time to listen to you and help you develop the right design for your final pieces. We also do a lot of prototyping which is essential for creating the perfect telecommunication machines. These prototypes are tried out and tested before being launched into the market. That way, whatever bulk order was made can be reproduced and work on the market without a hitch.

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