What is a Sheet Metal Fabricator?

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Human beings are natural builders, and we can thank this characteristic for all the comforts, conveniences, and opportunities we enjoy daily. We rely on strong, durable materials like metal to hold everything together for all this to be made possible. This is where custom sheet metal parts manufacturers and suppliers come in.

Metal fabricators refer to the tools or machines we use to shape various metals into the shapes we need for our intended purposes. Contrary to what most people assume, a metal fabrication factory will contain numerous separate machines for bending, cutting, stretching, and molding sheet metal.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at the various types of fabrication machines in common use today and the various techniques employed in the process of producing the metal parts and products we use today.

Let's dive right in.


Types of Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

Because of the countless applications of metal in our lives, we need a vast array of fabricating machines in every comprehensive fabrication shop. These should be capable of forming, cutting, welding, stamping, assembly, machining, and finishing sheet metal.

By keeping all these machines under one roof, all these production processes can be performed in parallel, saving significant amounts of time and money. These machines include:

·         Swing-beam Shears

·         Hydraulic Press Brakes

·         Profile Rolls

·         Plate Rolls

·         Ironworkers

·         Formits

·         Folders and Benders

·         Horizontal Band Saws

Once the desired product is formulated and modeled using CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools, the sheet metal will be fed through the appropriate machines.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Depending on the desired results, multiple sheet fabrication methods are available to us. These include:


CNC cutters are capable of cutting sheet metal to extremely precise specifications. This allows them to fabricate products used in highly complex industries and applications. Industries requiring high-precision parts include the electronics, telecom, new energy, 3D printing, medical, media, automotive, and logistics industries.


This involves one of two general methods. The Metal Braking method involves placing the sheet metal on a flat surface with a flat bar across it. The sheet's gated segment is lifted until it assumes the required angle. In the Form Bending method, the sheet metal will first be placed on top of an edge or shape before it is bent around it using a dolly or hammer.


This method is a useful fabrication technique because of the increased durability and longevity it adds to sheet metal products. There are three ways of going about this method. Heat Shrinking involves stretching out an area of sheet metal and heating it until it is red hot. The metal will shrink to its normal size as it cools down.

The second approach is the Shrinker method which involves using a tool with two textured, moving jaws. These jaws will tightly grab the sheet metal, creating the desired form without marring the metal. In the Tucking Metal technique, sheet metal is tucked into a designated crevice before being bunched in using a hammer, while tucking forks are used to fold it over the crevice edges.

Metal Fusion

In case you wish to fuse two pieces of sheet metal, this will be the way to go. Metal Fusion involves various welding and riveting techniques such as TIG welding, MIG welding, Oxy-Acetylene welding, metal riveting, etc.


Stretching involves placing sheet metal on a die, where it is then bent and stretched at the same time. The point of this technique is to produce large curved parts from the initial metal sheets. This can be achieved using a stretcher, an English Wheel, or a Hammer & Dolly.

Choosing a Sheet Metal Fabricator  

When it comes to choosing a supplier for your fabricated sheet metal needs, it’s important that you understand that not all suppliers are the same. VASUCC Sheet Metal is one of the world's most respected fabricators, with partners and clients all over the world. Over many years, it has established itself as a trusted, reliable manufacturer and custom sheet metal parts supplier.

Should you require cost-effective, custom-made, versatile, comprehensive, and professional sheet metal fabrication services, be sure to email VASUCC Sheet Metal or email us at suchang@vasucc-sheetmetal.com today. You won't regret it!