How is Handheld Laser Welding applied in Sheet Metal Manufacturing

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Laser welding comprises two components that are bonded together. To accomplish this process both sides or points are melted to accomplish this process, and a joint is created when the melt congeals. Laser beam welding has been used for approximately 30 years in many industries.

It has recently started to be used in many industries, but it has directly opposed traditional welding procedures. Modern additive production methods, such as the printing technology of metallic objects, are the driving force behind the rapid growth of laser welding. By introducing handheld models, laser welding technology has been made more portable, convenient, and accessible.

What is a handheld laser welding machine?

A handheld laser welding machine integrates the rudimental features of a portable machine without compromising performance. Its working principle is utilizing high-energy laser pulses which heat the material locally. The energy emitted by the laser is directed towards the material, creating heat transference which causes the material to melt, forming a molten pool.

The device can undertake large workpieces over long distances, which means its versatility. During welding, only a small portion is affected by heat; therefore, workpiece deformation and black spot traces are avoidable.

A worker is using a handheld laser welding machine.

Furthermore, the welding depth is huge, firm, and sufficient without the existence of a depression formed between the matrix and the molten portion of the melted pool. The device has a large share of advantages, but its best character is that it has a tremendous heating capacity and can direct large amounts of energy to a small focal point.

Applications of handheld laser welding in sheet metal industries

Automobile industries

Handheld welding technology is utilized in many parts and stages of automobile manufacturing. To showcase the benefits of laser welding and grab customers' attention, many automakers utilize laser welding as a marketing pitch. A handheld laser welding device may be used to edge weld the doors, hood, and bonnet sheet metal to offer stronger welding quality strength and a more appealing appearance.

Automotive parts

Metal cabinet

There are numerous cabinets in everyday life, such as water tanks, computer cases, electrical cabinets, and communication cabinets. The majority of them are 2mm thick metal sheets. Small batches and many kinds are features that the sector is progressively displaying.

The welding precision needs to be greater and greater, and the welding line is expected to be beautiful as the user pursues the aesthetic look of sheet metal. Handheld laser welding equipment has gained popularity among many manufacturers of chassis and cabinets because of its technical benefits.

Kitchenware industry

Everyday items like range hoods, cabinets, and sinks made of stainless steel are crucial equipment for any kitchen. Nearly all of them are made of stainless-steel sheets. The kitchenware sector has strict standards for aesthetics and air tightness. The welding procedure is a critical step in the production of kitchen utensils.

A handheld laser welding device is highly well-liked by users since it produces lovely welds and offers strong sealing after welding. The portable laser welding device is adaptable, practical, and can handle different welding seam trajectories.

Door and window guardrail

Guardrails for doors and windows are becoming more and more common in modern life. Handheld laser welding equipment is commonly used as people strive for high-quality lifestyles. Guardrails for doors and windows that have been laser-welded have stunning welds that are robust, difficult to bend, and simple to polish.

The portable laser welding device is simple and suitable for regular workers. The fast-welding speed increases the efficiency of the welding. It may also be welded outside, making it useful for an on-site assembly and guardrail installation.

Metal furniture

Lift workstations and ergonomic chairs are two items that have grown popular in the business due to the steady emergence of metal furniture in recent times. Different metal pipes can be flexibly manufactured and processed thanks to the widespread use of handheld laser welding. Metal furniture is becoming more unique, varied, and individualized. Metal furniture aims for both comfort and elegance.

The metal furniture inspired by the manufacturer is drawn from a wide range of styles, modifications, and characteristics. As a result, the welding design and seam structure that must be welded are also quite varied.

Due to its flexibility, the handheld laser welding machine can accommodate different welding seam needs. The welding seam is aesthetic and has rapidly become a necessary tool for most metals.

Stainless steel products

Every major city in the nation has a stainless-steel market. Applications for stainless steel items and decorations are expanding daily. Laser welding and cutting are necessary for creating all types of stainless-steel marketing text and visuals. Thin sheets and the pursuit of exquisite welding are the fundamental components of stainless-steel products.

Handheld laser welding devices are becoming more and more popular among users due to the demand for outdoor buildings and flexible and practical welding equipment.

Why Choose Handheld Laser Welding for Sheet Metal Manufacturing

The industry has given the VASUCC Sheet Metal a lot of attention since the company is capable of manufacturing all kinds of sheet metal products using laser welding. It possesses the following benefits based on the real-life experience of several users:

  • The process is straightforward: No prior welding knowledge is necessary for the operator. Training takes nearly an hour or so. While traditional welding involves using the operator's technique and technology to produce high-quality outcomes, the operator may easily accomplish this using welding. It is extremely high, frequently resulting in higher production labor expenses.

  • High efficiency: The pace is comparable to the combined output of two argon arc welding operators, which is approximately twice as fast. Laser welding reduces labor expenses while also doubling the advantages of manufacturing. As a result, laser welding machines may be expensive, but with continued usage, their actual output surpasses that of argon arc welding by a wide margin. Additionally, the low cost of labor significantly lowers the entire cost.

  • The portable welding head is lightweight: Different light spot types can be chosen at will, and various welding techniques can be utilized depending on the workpiece and material.

  • Low cost, low maintenance cost: Hand-held laser welding eliminates the requirement for extensive welding table maintenance. Also, low energy usage can save between 80 % and 90 % of the electricity used in typical welding.


VASUCC Sheet Metal offers high-quality welding materials, tools, equipment and production capacity for all your project needs. As stated above, handheld laser welding machines offer an effective, affordable and convenient approach to welding. Handheld laser welding offers a variety of benefits that can suit different aspects of sheet metal production.