Sheet Metal Enclosures Buying Guide

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The electronics industry is the main application of sheet metal enclosures. You can use them to make casings for micro-technology, printed circuit board production etc. They are used on most electronic components that can be damaged by harsh external conditions. Sheet metal enclosures are suitable for standard designs or customized components.  The sheet metal enclosure choice you make is crucial as it improves your product’s durability and ensures the products are user friendly. Here is the know-how you need to navigate your sheet metal enclosure search. Let's get started!

sheet metal enclosure

What Are Sheet Metal Enclosures?

Simply put, sheet metal enclosures are ‘houses’ for a variety of delicate electronic components .There is a wide range of enclosure materials you can use like stainless steel, copper, titanium etc. Some components of equipment or devices are not designed to stand alone. Some would even be unsuitable for use without the protective sheet metal enclosure. The materials used for sheet metal enclosures are sturdy and long lasting hence the product will last the expected lifespan. You can efficiently use the products in any environment and it can withstand the disturbances of transportation.

Sheet Metal Enclosure: Uses

Sheet metal enclosures are used in applications where, either the user or the product needs protected use. Some of the industries where they are used are manufacturing facilities, oil refineries, food processing plants, etc. Manufacturers need to protect their workers from potential harm from direct contact with some equipment or devices hence the need for casings. They ensure the components of the device or equipment ‘stays in’ during use. Aluminum is the most suitable enclosure material for outdoor applications.You can choose other materials depending on the intended function of the sheet metal enclosure.

Sheet metal enclosures are used to protect the internal body of most telecommunication devices we use. The most popular housing material in this industry is aluminum. As with other applications, go for a sheet metal design and material that is suitable for your product. Sheet metal enclosures are also used as safety measures for handling electronic equipment with live current. Stainless steel is the most popular material for sheet metal enclosures in the automotive industry, thanks to properties like corrosion resistance, and lightweight.

Sheet Metal Enclosure Purchasing Tips

Ensure you factor in aspects like :

Correct Thickness

When shopping for sheet metal enclosures ensure you choose a metal thickness that is proportional to the size of the components. You don't want to house tiny components in a thick walled bulky casing; it can be inconvenient for the product user. If you are working with small sized parts, you can choose a lightweight enclosure. You might need to leave an allowance between the components and the wall of the casing , so ensure you understand your size requirements.

The Right Finishing Method

In addition to the design specs ensure you evaluate the different finishing methods suitable for the enclosure you desire as this will put everything together. If the sheet metal is for the products you manufacture, choose an enclosure that best tells your business story.


This consideration is relative to whether you want a high-end sheet metal enclosure or a cost effective option. You can explore a range of options if your budget allows you, or choose affordable enclosure materials like cold rolled steel.


The most popular materials for sheet metal enclosures are aluminum and stainless steel. All materials have advantages and limitations. Factor in your application requirements as you choose your preferred material.

Advantages Of Sheet Metal Enclosures

  • Durability - Sheet metal enclosures are all about durability. The materials available makes them stand out compared to other types of enclosures . They have beneficial properties like sturdiness, corrosion resistance, and visual appeal, which makes them suitable for applications involving vibrations and harsh climates. They are more recommendable than wooden enclosures which can be easily damaged by water and harsh conditions.

  • Customizable - Anything is possible in the world of sheet metal enclosures. Some complex components require an enclosure designed around their  properties. You can develop your brand identity using logos and other forms of art . All you have to do is find a sheet metal enclosure company that understands your vision and can create an enclosure that is as close to it as possible. They can use different colors  and finishes to ensure the enclosure is visually appealing. At VASUCC Sheet Metal, we value your business vision and can tailor make sheet metal enclosures that works for your goals.

  • User-friendly Products - As mentioned, sheet metal enclosures ensure your device or equipment is safe for use, and its components are secure during transportation, storage and use. They allow for easy use as there are no moving parts or screws used in their designs.


Now that you have a footing as you embark on your sheet metal enclosure search, hopefully you will get a design that best suits your application. There are other parameters to factor in so ensure you seek more information and expert advice before making a final decision. Contact or email VASUCC for a prompt quote.