Sheet Metal Fabrication Application & Products in the Electronics Industry

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Sheet metal fabrication is a broad industry that’s used to make metal parts for electronics and machinery. One of the most notable applications for fabrication is in hybrid manufacturing. In this area, circuit boards are made using a printed circuit board, or PCB as a substrate.

PCB Enclosures

Think of these as protective suits for your electronics. They wrap around circuit boards and other techy things inside and help protect it from random bumps and shakes it may go through during shipping or everyday use. It’s also important that you can open them up easily to do any repairs that may be needed. That’s why going with a top-notch PCB enclosure company is ideal.

They’re designed to give PCBs a cozy home while keeping away dust, moisture, and anything else floating around in the air. You can have these enclosures made from materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or even rust-resistant stuff if you really want to juice it up. Plus, they’re highly customizable, so you can make them waterproof, airtight, or both, depending on your project's needs.

Busbars on the Road

In the world of electricity, busbars are like highways. Made from either copper or aluminum, they come in all different shapes and sizes. Ideal for managing high amounts of electrical current.

PCB Racks and Stands

When you need to put together and test circuit boards, these two are your best buds. They’re made from aluminum or steel sheet metal and can handle all sorts of PCB shapes and sizes.

Cable Enclosures

Think of cable enclosures as bodyguards for your wires. Their usual make is steel or aluminum, with the ability to fit a wide variety of cable setups.

Terminal Blocks

Just like bouncers at a club, terminal blocks handle electrical connections. They come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever cable setups you have. Made from sheet metal materials like steel or aluminum.


These are cozy homes for electronic components that include circuit boards, wires, batteries, and switches. They can be custom-made to use materials such as aluminum, steel, or stainless steel to fit your gadgets perfectly.

Heat Sinks

Heat sinks cool down electronic components. It keeps things like processors and memory chips from overheating. You can also get them tailor-made for your specific devices.


Chassis comes in all shapes and sizes. They’re the frame that holds your gadgets together. In the world of electronics, sheet metal fabrication is the way to go when customizing your very own chassis.


When you need protection from electromagnetic interference, call on sheet metal shields. Made from stainless steel or aluminum, these buddies are available in any shape or size for any component you use.

Casings for LEDs and Electric Components

Sheet metal fabrication doesn’t stop at the inside of electronics. It can also be used to make casings for LED lights, switches, electric motors, and circuit boards. These casings keep dust and water out while still looking stylish.


Enclosures for Electric Control Panels

Think of these enclosures as armor for your expensive electronic components. While it protects from dust and water, it’s also designed to look cool.

Brackets and Enclosures for Computers and Digital Devices

Electronics may have evolved but they’re still delicate machines prone to damage by dust and water. Making large brackets or enclosures is a great way to add an extra layer of protection while still keeping it snazzy.

Cable Trays and Conduits

Ever look behind your computer? If you have, then you know damn well how messy it looks — unless yours is wireless, then lucky you! But if you can relate, sheet metal can be used here, too. Keep your wires and cables in check with a tray or conduit that not only organizes them but looks good doing so.

In Conclusion

Sheet metal fabrication is the secret ingredient industries like PCB and automobiles love. It’s a real game-changer. With so many things you can make, designers have gone from making huge industrial buildings to everyday household products. So, how do you think sheet metal could change up your next project?