Sheet Metal Fabrication in Outdoor TV and Digital Display Equipment for Media Industry

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Sheet metal has been in use for ages and in various industries because of its amazing features. As time goes by, new industries come up that have a use for steel metal products and services. One of the industries that found a great need for it is the media industry. In understanding the role of sheet metal in the media industry and the digital space, one can appreciate it even more and find ways of incorporating it into their business as a media production house.

outdoor display equipment

Here are the media industry's main uses of sheet metal fabrication in outdoor TV and digital display equipment.

Digital advertising equipment

One of the areas that heavily rely on sheet metal in the media industry is digital advertising. For an Ad campaign to go well, you must ensure you get the right equipment to pass your message.

One of the pieces needed for this is the digital display screen used in place of billboards. While billboards might still work, more people prefer video to audio. The only way to ensure this happens would be to get sheet metal billboards.

Sheet metal can create the perfect screen for projecting images and videos so people can watch them. That way, a campaign attracts more people than it normally would on any other day.


One of the things you need to ensure when setting up display entertainment sets is having the right rigs on set. Without them, the equipment might get too heavy, which will make you unable to use it. You are also prone to causing accidents if you need to move your display screens from one place to another. Sheet metal has ensured this does not happen. They are sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight while still being light enough to be carried around.

The rigs made from sheet metal are also rust resistant, so you do not have to worry about them having an issue with staying out for a while doing ad campaigns. Most of the time, the rigs will be placed outside and exposed to the elements. Sheet metal rigs come with coatings and treatments that ensure they do not rust. As such, you will surely get the most out of them and can use them for longer.


Another place where sheet metal is used is when making tripods. Tripods come in handy when production crews need to get steady shots. They also help hold other equipment like lights on set. That way, a production team does not have to keep putting off a shoot because they cannot balance lights or the camera. Sheet metal makes sturdy tripods that can be used with lights and cameras. All you need to do is pick out the different shoes.

If you run production lines, then chances are you are using more than one camera and light on the set. As such, you will need to get more than one tripod. Getting your equipment from VASUCC Sheet Metal will ensure you do not have to worry about how to set it up. The company will offer you a set of tripods that can be used with your production crew. That way, you spend less on the tripods and still ensure that you get quality shots at the end of the day.

Boom poles

The secret to shooting a great ad is getting the message across without worry. To do this, you need to ensure that your mics are held in place by the right boom poles. Since the boom poles are usually held by hand by the sound recordist, you must ensure you get lightweight boom poles.

These ensure that whoever is holding the boom poles can do so for long without tiring. As such, there are reduced cases of boom mics appearing in shots because one was too tired to hold it up.

Gimbal stabilizers

One of the things you will notice when you look at ads is how the camera movements tend to get dramatic. For this reason, you need to ensure that you find a way to maintain the quality of the image while getting the most required for the ad. Having a gimbal stabilizer will help deal with that.

To ensure the stabilizer works without an issue, you will need to ensure it is made from material that can handle all the movements. It also helps if you can get lightweight material that will ensure the cinematographer gets to move around without feeling the weight of the stabilizer added to the camera. Sheet metal used in making a gimbal stabilizer ensures you get all these features in one.

Digital signage monitor

Whenever people think about digital signage monitors, all they look at is the size. Even though this is vital, that is not all there is to it. The one thing you need to ensure you take a look at is how you plan on holding the monitor up. That way, everyone gets to see the message.

Most of the components of this monitor are also made from sheet metal to ensure that it can be placed anywhere without worry. The components of the motherboard are also molded on with sheet metal since it melts pretty well into the board.

With all this, it is clear that the signage monitor heavily relies on sheet metal. It ensures that you get to use your signage monitor without worrying that it will have issues or be too heavy to be mounted.

Take away

One very clear thing from the equipment above is how vital sheet metal is to the media industry. It is for this reason that these two industries work in close collaboration. In understanding and appreciating the benefits of sheet metal in the media industry, producers can work together with stakeholders in sheet metal.

The collaboration has ensured that digital marketing campaigns and TV shows run without issues or hitches. It also keeps costs of production low in the entertainment industry generation.