The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Metal Cabinets

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Sheet metal cabinets can store and protect even the heaviest objects and withstand rigorous home renovations. You'll have a protected space to keep your equipment and supplies in good condition. Sheet metal cabinets have the added benefit of keeping your exterior spaces, like the garage or shed, looking nice and organized.

You can choose from various storage cabinets, including utility cabinets, standard filing cabinets, and locker safety cabinets. Here is the ultimate guide to sheet metal cabinets.

What is Sheet Metal?

Industrial processes can flatten and thinly slice metal to create sheet metal. Metalwork industries rely heavily on sheet metal because you can shape metal into almost anything with the right tools. Sheet metal is used to make various commercial and household items using sheet metal fabrication and assembly services. Sheet metal has a wide range of applications, depending on the metal used.

sheet metal cabinets for telecommunication industry

The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Metal Cabinets

Consider the Weight

Make sure the type of sheet metal you go for can handle the weight of the items you intend to store in the cabinet before purchasing one for use in your outdoor area. Know what you intend to keep in your metal cabinets.

Sheet Metal Thickness Matters

The designer's ability to choose the right metal thickness determines whether a sheet metal cabinet survives shipping, assembly, and installation—the results of using incorrect material thickness range from insignificant to disastrous.

An excessively heavy cabinet, for instance, could result if they use too thick metal. The increased bulk makes it more challenging to move and install the cabinet. The inefficiency of the cabinet during application is another possibility. Imagine a tall, freestanding cabinet in a public space. You wouldn't want to risk your customer's or users' safety by allowing that to happen.

Determine your Space

The space available for your sheet metal cabinet installation is the next thing to consider. Investing in one that doesn't work with your space would waste time and money. For this reason, before purchasing a metal storage cabinet, you should measure the available space to choose the best size for your needs.

Corrosion Resistance

Selecting a type of sheet metal that can resist severe corrosion is important, depending on your intended purpose for the cabinet. For guaranteed efficiency and safety, the items you store in the cabinet must be resistant to oxidation.

Keep Your Design Simple

Fabricators often struggle with keeping your design needs straightforward. Using a conventional sheet metal cabinet design will almost certainly meet your needs.

When you go for a simple design, fabricators can carry out the manufacturing process quickly and cheaply, and you won't need any special equipment to make your cabinet. Custom cabinets can be expensive and time-consuming.

Consider your budget

Metal storage cabinets are abundant and range in price from cheap to expensive. Surely you can come up with an option that is reasonably priced. Finding high-quality metal storage cabinets is much easier after figuring out your budget.

Why Should I Choose Sheet Metal Cabinets?

  • Easy Maintenance. Cleanliness is never an issue with a sheet metal cabinet. A sponge and water with a little dish soap will do the trick. Occasionally, spray off your outdoor cabinets with a horse pipe and let them air dry. Light sanding or steel wool can remove rust.

  • They are Pre-assembled. Metal storage cabinets are assembled when you purchase them to eliminate the hassle of DIY assembly. Also, most models are delivered to you with a finished coat of paint, saving you the trouble of putting the finishing touches on the purchase. Re-painting your sheet metal cabinet is not typically necessary because the paint will not chip or peel.

  • Cost-Effective. Sheet metal cabinets are a popular choice because they are reasonably priced. These cabinets are often more affordable than their wooden counterparts, making them a good option for those on a tight budget. While they don't cost much, they can serve you well for years. For these reasons, sheet metal cabinets are always a good option.

  • Guaranteed Safety. Sheet metal cabinets ensure you can safely store your belongings. Most cabinet models feature a lockable key handle or a padlock slot. If none of these locking options are available on your cabinet, you can secure it by winding a chain around the knobs or handles and securing it with a slam.

Take Away

Purchasing a sheet metal cabinet or having one custom-made for you requires various considerations. The cabinet may not function as planned or look as you expected if even a single part is flawed. Working with a seasoned sheet metal cabinet manufacturer can help you save money on redesigns.