Tools Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

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No matter the setting, there are several tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers, which you can never lack in any workshop you visit. However, if you are looking for industry-specific tools, you are required to visit specialized shops. You also need to know the specific tools required for the job.

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the industries where the wrong tool can greatly affect your operation. Read on for a review of some of the essential equipment required in a metal shop to help you choose the ideal tool.

sheet metal fabrication

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety first! Based on the fact that you are dealing with a conductive metal, there are several safety precautions you need to take into consideration. You need to wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). You can find this equipment in most metal shops in your area.

Look for gloves, safety boots, overalls/welding jackets, headgear, vision and hearing protection, auto-darkening helmets, and many more. Unlike other tools, PPE is necessary before you begin any metalwork.

Angle Grinder

This is perhaps one of the most versatile tools in sheet metal fabrication. It can be used for many tasks, such as grinding, cutting, and polishing metals. Besides, regardless of its versatile capabilities, it is a handheld tool and is quite easy to operate.

Note that there are two common types of angle grinders. You can either choose to go with the 6-inch or 4 ½ inch option. Along with angle grinders, you will also need disks for different tasks. For instance, flap discs can perform different tasks from grinding wheels.

Metal Cutting Saws

Sawing is one of the most performed tasks in sheet metal fabrication. Fortunately, you can use numerous types of sawing machines for your metal fabrication work. While the ideal type will depend on the specific work, popular options include chop, circular, band, and cold saws.

It is also recommended to avoid using hand saws most of the time when other options can improve worker safety and efficiency.

Wire Cutters

Any experienced handyman understands the importance of always having a pair of wire cutters near you. It is one of the most commonly used equipment in any work, including wires. The tool is used to snip out the ends of the wires or trim bits of material from the ends of sheet metal.

Wire cutters are also necessary to protect your hands from electric shock or injury from the sheet metal.  

Throatless Shears

An experienced metal worker can never work without a pair of throatless shears. They are quite necessary when cutting sheet metal in different designs and shapes. Whether making a curve or cutting a straight line on a metal sheet, you need a pair of these shears to complete the work.

They integrate a design that makes it quite easy to move the blade around. They also come with large handles that make it easy to trim away excess aluminum or steel without applying much force.

Marking Tools

These tools come in different shapes and sizes. However, they are all used for one task: to make markings on the sheet metal. You can use them to make symbols or a line to reference when cutting or designing sheet metal for fabrication. Although there are many marking tools, the most common are calipers, scribers, and dividers.

Calipers are used to make accurate marks and measurements on sheet metal, while scribers are used to make scratches and other small marks. Dividers, on the other hand, are used to create space marks that can be necessary when making cuts and evenly spaced holes.

Find Your Ideal Metal Fabrication Tool Today!

Getting the right tool is critical when undertaking any task that requires precision and accuracy. All you need to find the ideal tool is to understand the type of work you will be undertaking and visit an industry-specific metal shop to make your purchase. Alternatively, you can contact an experienced technician to help you analyze the required tools.

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