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Custom Galvanized Steel Parts

Searching for a galvanized steel sheet metal part manufacturer? Contact us! We produce galvanized steel parts such as pipes, sheets, tubs, panels, coils, etc.
  • Custom Galvanized Steel Parts

Here at VASUCC, we offer only the best, which is what you should expect of our galvanized steel parts. While we have the usual products exhibiting excellent strength and various resistance properties, we are also open to manufacturing custom pieces. All you have to do is call and tell us what you need.

Our galvanized steel products are manufactured using bare steel, which is perfect for preventing rust and corrosion of steel hence increasing its lifespan. We offer both hot-dip and electro-galvanized products.

Hot-dip varieties include galvanized steel cables and wire mesh, steel strips and sheets, fasteners, structural parts, steel profiles, steel pipes, and so much more!

As for the electro-galvanized products, they have almost the same properties as their counterparts. Contact us and let us give you a quote, then do what we do best.

FAQ 1: Do you accept low-volume production? What is the MOQ?

Yes, we do accept low-volume production. While most of our production scales are medium level, we also take on low volume production. Our MOQ is 200 pieces for anyone who needs to do low production to save on costs.

FAQ 2: How do I get a quote?

If you need a quote, you can always contact us through the information on the Contact Us page. We have round-the-clock customer service and will respond to your inquiry as soon as you ask.

FAQ 3: What types of files do you accept?

We accept all types of file formats in the market. So far, we have worked with PDF, DWG, STP, STEP, DXF, SOLIDWORKS related files, INVENTOR related files, and MICROSOFT OFFICE related files from clients.

FAQ 4: What is your average lead time?

The EX-WORKS method is 4-7 weeks; the other trade methods can increase the transportation and customs clearance time. If you have a low-volume order, you can expect your pieces to get to you in less than seven weeks.